Zola Design – Handcrafted Sculptural Jewelry

Created by Gabrielle Miles Silverlight, ZOLA is a handcrafted line of sculptural jewelry and objects that combines traditional technique with modern design. The collection of work is informed by the exploration of a material’s multiplicities, often letting the process itself guide the finished result by embracing a spirit of chance and spontaneity. Hand-carved wax for bronze casting and hand-formed ceramics are the main processes employed.

Drawing inspiration from coastal landscapes, ZOLA embraces an aesthetic of ‘organic geometry’ that reflects both the rough edges and sweeping curves, the interplay of positive and negative space and the fluidity inherent in those landscapes. ZOLA aims to create unexpected, tactile and elegant art pieces that fuse seamlessly into everyday wear or decor.


Trenton Avenue Arts Festival 2014

Handcrafted Sculptural Jewelry

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