2014 Music Lineup & After Party!

Chris Brooks – 11:30am

Trenton. Ave Arts Fest

Chris Brooks

Chris Rossello is a Philadelphia based singer-songwriter who writes catchy folk songs with thoughtful and witty lyrics. Taking a step back from his career as an accomplished frontman for bands The Wayfairs, Off to the Races amongst others, Chris creates a mature sound that is still playful and thoughtful. Having recorded an album at Headroom studios this Spring expect a fall release for this local songwriter.

The Deadeyes – 12:45­pm

Trenton Ave. Arts Fest

The Deadeyes

The Deadeyes is a new 3­piece band that features members formerly in the long­standing underground group Grubstake. They play a unique style of violin­driven soulpunk that sounds like the Black Keys had a love child with the Bad Seeds. John Coursey, who also plays folkroots with the High Hearts and experimental space ­noise with The Mikroknytes, takes a very John Cale approach to the music both jamming and droning a gorgeous landscape of strings. Patrick McHugh and David McMullin (old friends who have played together since their college band Connie Chung in the ’90’s) provide the fiery guitar and drum backbone. The band swings from majestic to sparse through a collection of blazing and soul­tinged material that capitalizes on  their many years of experience


FB facebook.com/TheDeadeyes

Brian Fitzy – 1:30pm

Trenton Ave. Arts Fest

Brian Fitzy

Brian Fitzy brings approach to what is possible as a vocalist/multi­instrumentalist, utilizing live­looping technology as a solo performer.



Rock to the Future

Trenton Ave. Arts Fest

Rock to the Future

Rock to the Future is a 501(c)3 organization founded in 2010 that provides music education to Philadelphia’s underserved youth at no cost to them or their families. Using music, our programsignite passion and creativity, support academic achievement, and improve self­esteem. We empower individuals and strengthen communities.

We envision:

– A community where comprehensive music education is readily accessible to those who would otherwise never experience the benefits of music;

– A community where youth come together through music;

– A city that is passionate about music and the arts;

– A 100% high school graduation and post­secondary program attendance rate for youth involved with Rock to the Future;

– The development of future leaders for Philadelphia;

– A city more culturally enriched by the inclusion of voices previously unheard.



2:15pm­ – RTTF house band acoustic set

3:30pm – RTTF house band electric set

Come out to Trenton avenue arts festival hear students ages 9­17 enrolled in our after­school program performing a number of songs from The Beatles to Neon Trees and everything in between. The student house band is made up of students committed to excellence and driven to rock out the crowd. In addition to the 7 students we have at our after­school program, these 7 students enrolled in our house band learn cover songs and perform out in the community. The house band has performed at a number of venues including Union Transfer, Shadfest, Clark Park music and Arts Festival, The Kimmel Center, Greensgrow Festival, World Cafe Live and much more.


Students enrolled in our after­school program work to write original songs. We work throughout the year to write, collaborate and even record original music. Students ages 9­17 get together weekly to have band practice where they learn lessons in music and in life. Come out and check out some of Rock to the Future’s student band performing at Trenton Avenue Arts Festival.


Conversations – 5:15pm

Trenton Ave. Arts Fest


Conversations is a band from Philadelphia that plays indie pop music. Thoughtful and fun lyrics on top a sea of surfy summery rock grooves.


Sons of Earle – 6:00pm

Trenton Ave. Arts Fest

Sons of Earle


Sons of Earle is Rock ‘n’ Roll, Americana and Alt­Country in the sweet and crumbling tradition of The Replacements, Jeff Buckley, Ryan Adams, Mike Ness, Gram Parsons and its namesake, Steve Earle Singer/guitarist and Philly native, Todd Zamostien’s songs take inspiration from the city around him—its beating, broken hearts; its tender and often crooked smiles; and the constant flirtations leading him onto the other side of the tracks, to the edges of town and beyond.  He finds solace in the drunken musings of curmudgeons, Tom Waits and Charles Bukowski–beauty is found in the scratchy earnestness of Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson, in the wordplay of Elvis Costello and Tom Robbins and in the angst and honesty of The Clash and Nirvana.  His songs seek to capture the honesty in a moment, whether it be found, lost or pushed aside.  It’s the sound you get when you bleed all over your Telecaster or when you willingly trash your vocal chords in one last violent scream.  It’s the sound of youth, it’s the sound of aging and the sound of nothing left to lose.


Trenton Ave Arts Festival & Bottle Bar After Party

This Saturday, May 17th, 2014 is Trenton Avenue’s annual festival, and Rock to the Future is bringing back the LIVE MUSIC this year! Rock to the Future student house bands will perform alongside talented local bands Conversations, The Deadeyes, Brian Fitzy, and more. The music stage will be located at the intersection of Norris and Trenton. This festival is family friendly, free, includes hundreds of local vendors, and a wacky sculpture derby that culminates in a pile of mud. What better way is there to spend a glorious spring day?

DIRECTLY FOLLOWING the Trenton Ave Arts Festival, make sure to join us at Bottle Bar East from 7-11pm where a percentage of bar and food sales will benefit Rock to the Future (21+ only!). Live music from Leaf Prints, The Cats, and DJ TRPRKPR. The after party is FREE to enter and Bottle Bar has over 700 beers and incredible food. Bottle Bar is located at 1308 Frankford Ave (Frankford and Thompson St).

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