Vendors 2014

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Trenton Avenue Arts Festival 2014

TAAF Load-in map 2014

Trenton Avenue Arts Festival 2014

Vendor Setup Diagram

Trenton Avenue Arts Festival 2014

Food Vendor Layout

Section A Section B
A1 NO-Man Illustration B1 Day Dream Designs
A2 Eyes Habit B2 Paul Carpenter Art
A3 Bebe de Botas B3 The Art Dept
A4 Blue Devil Woodworking B4 Ginger Pots
A5 Sweet Mildred B5 Barefoot Doctor Community Acupuncture
A6 L&M Collective B6 Manic Muse
A7 Groundswell B7 Fisticuffs Leather
A8 nadine beads and perles B11 The Grand Review
A9 Beidler  Pottery B12 The Grand Review
A10 Roadside Linen Arts B13 liberti church east
A11 Roadside Linen Arts B14 Selah
A12 Bettie & Earl B15 Kensington Community Food Co-op
A13 Geek Boy Press B16 Saint In The City Photography
A14 The shabby Chic Garden B17 girls rock philly
A15 Dee & Bee Consortium B18 Suzanne Francis
A16 Habitat for Humanity ReStore B19 FF Knives
A17 Exposive/ Born Winners B20 Christina Galagarza ReJewelry
A18 Jane Broadbent Pottery B21 The 50/50 Company
A19 Greensgrow Farms B22 NancyAnneDesigns
A20 Greensgrow Farms Section D
A21 Greensgrow Farms D1 DC Creation
A22 Greensgrow Farms D2 Design by Night
Section C D3 Meredith Kleiber Photography
C1 beaucycled D4 Aaron Klingensmith
C2 Anethum D5 The Energy Co-op
C3 Fishtown Neighbors Association D6 FAN
C4 Wayfare Press D7 Suvenir
C5 UNIVERSATILITY D8 ElleEmelle Designs
C6 mystical creations D9 Wise Owl Shop
C7 Bombita Designs D10 Whim
C8 Night Owl Designs D11 Craft Foundry
C9 Philadelphia Sculpture Gym D12 The Levia Project
C10 BYO Print D13 Mystic Silver & Glass
C11 BYO Print D14 Erika Massiel
C15 Pink Hammers D15 Black Cat Pottery
C16 silent H seams D16 GearForms
C17 John t Howell D17 Jen McCleary Art & Design
C18 As the Crow Flies & Co D18 Tamme McClelland
C19 KTjohnSUN D19 Saffron Creations
C20 Mamoucha Soaps D20 mysmallhelp Peru
C21 Eco Artisan/Kimberly Eden Designs D21 Kizmet Yogawear
C22 G & G Grafix D22 GLOBAL Sass
Section E Section F
E1 BertBaker Candles F1 Michele Sky Jewelry
E2 Viloria Road F2 Tribal Jewelry
E3 Blind Faith Industries F3 Palmer Doggie Depot
E4 Earthwise Naturals F4 Laura K. Murdoch Fine Art
E5 Fishtown Jewelers F5 Joose Studios
E6 Jennifer Hermann F6 Mushmina
E15 O3 World F7 My Favorite Knits
E16 Philly in Focus F8 Wolfbat Studios
E17 Wash Cycle Laundry F9 Blue Rock Gourds
E18 Diamond & Associates F10 Pazza Stained Glass Transoms
E19 Stuart Leon Bicycle Crash Lawyer F11 Bret Pendlebury
E20 Bicycle Coalition of Greater Phila. F12 Masters of None & Shera P Crayon Lipstick
E21 REMAX F13 Little Berlin
E22 Phila. School of Massage & Bodywork F14 Refind / Dave’s Mom
Section G F15 EKNA
G1 A Little Sparkle F16 EKNA
G2 SEAMPOETS F19 Lightning Bell Handmade
G3 SEAMPOETS F20 Birdies Jewelry
G5 Arrrggghhh Ink LLC F22 Issa Revell
G6 The German Society/Play On, Philly! Section H
G7 Zap’s Caps H1 Adorned by Aisha
G8 Outside the Frame Collective H2 Squid Fire
G9 House of Craft H3 Philly Phaithful
G10 KiMo MaDe H4 Friends of Socialism
G11 Black Ink Art H5 Devilfish Ink
G12 Zola jewelry//objects H6 DNTN Brand
G13 Wear Liberty H7 PFCU
G14 Norman Porter Company H8 Nue
G15 James Singewald Photography H9 Frank’s Kitchens
G16 MANNA H10 This Pretty Life
G17 Art by Nathan H11 MoodSwing Oddities n SideShow Stitch
G18 Bcycle Studio H12 Resources for Human Development
G19 Stepping Stones by Stephanie Stoner H13 Inkster Inc
G20 Suki Design H15 Smak Parlour
G21 Essentiae H16 Smak Parlour
G22 Made in Kensington Jewelry H17 Green Mountain Energy
Susquehanna H18 Green Mountain Energy
S1 bubbledog
S2 Real Fruit Jewelry
S3 LM Design
S4 Buttercup Jewelry
S5 Impressions of Nature
S6 Brothers Pannell
S7 The Ceramery
S8 InLiquid
S10 APositive Promise Pitbull Foundation
S11 Bennett Compost
S12 Recylced Artist in Residency
S13 Weavers Way Community Farm
S14 Philadelphia Urban Creators
S15 Philly Foodworks
S16 Tools for Growing

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