About EKNA

The East Kensington Neighbors Association was founded in 2004 with help from the community organizing arm of the NKCDC. EKNA’s mission is to organize the voices, concerns, and actions of E.K. residents. Geographically, East Kensington is bounded by Norris Street to the south, Frankford and Trenton Ave. to the east, Lehigh Ave. to the north, and Front Street/Kensington Ave. to the west.

EKNA has organized into committees where dedicated individuals can pursue the issues they are most passionate about—whether zoning, trees, law enforcement, trash, or celebrating the incredible artists that surround us.

There are serious things to address, but we have plenty of fun, too. The Trenton Avenue Arts Festival is how we expose new people to the area and raise money for local projects while having a great time. The overwhelming growth and success of past festivals speaks to the growing energy within EKNA and the neighborhood itself.

Neighbors have a general meeting on the third Monday of every month at Philadelphia Brewing Company, thanks to Bill and Nancy Barton, who have been generous with their space through the years. We invite all community residents to attend meetings, enjoy a fine beer, (on the house), meet your neighbors, and participate in the positive changes that are taking place. We are faced with exciting challenges that require discussion and participation.

The brewery is located at 2423-39 Amber St (Corner of Amber and Hagert St.)

6:30PM – Neighbors gather to mix and chat.

7:00PM – Meeting agenda begins

Visit EKNA.org for neighborhood news, resources, and events.

East Kensington Neighbors Association

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